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Launcells Parish Council

Agenda November 2022

Clerk: Mrs J Gray

Notice is given that the meeting of the Parish Council will be held in Launcells Parish Hall on Thursday 24th November 2022 at 7.30 pm for the purpose of considering and resolving the following business.

J Gray
Clerk to the Council. 15th November 2022

Press and Public are invited to attend. Meetings are held in a public forum and could be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media or members of the public (see note *below)


  1. Record and Approve Apologies.
  2. Confirm Minutes from previous meeting and ratify all decisions taken therein.
  3. Declarations
    To receive declarations of the existence and nature of any Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) and any Declarations of Non-registered Interest (NRI) from members concerning items on the agenda.
  4. Dispensations.
    1. To note approved Dispensations relevant to items on the Agenda.
    2. To discuss and determine new Dispensations received.
  5. Matters Arising – for report only.
    1. Roundabouts Maintenance.
    2. Vision Zero Traffic Scheme.
  6. Report from Cornwall Councillor Chopak.
  7. Public Participation.
    To receive statements, questions and answers from the public on an agenda item.
  8. Correspondence:
    1. Launcells Cross/B3254. Agenda 12
    2. Playing Field History Plaque. Agenda 13
    3. Grimscott Planters. Agenda 16
    4. Top 15 Cornish Buildings at Risk.
    5. Citizens Advice Cornwall Autumn Newsletter.
    6. Forest For Cornwall Autumn Newsletter.
    7. Keeping Cornwall Updated.
    8. Grounds Maintenance.
    9. Shared Prosperity Fund. Agenda 16
    10. CQC Report for Stratton Medical Centre.
    11. Cornwall Climate & Nature Fund.
    12. Boundary Commission Consultation. Agenda 15
    13. Spam Email Warning.
    14. Bude CNP TRO Schemes
    15. Dangerous Road JCT – Launcells Cross / B3254 Bude.
  9. Planning.
    1. Decision Notices/Updates:
      1. PA22/07082 | Springleaze Road From Junction East Of Summerleaze To Hobbacott Lane Bridgerule Holsworthy Cornwall EX22 7HB.
      2. PA22/06611 | Weighbridge At Penhill Quarry And Haulage Ltd Pigsdon Quarry Launcells Bude Cornwall EX23 9LQ.
      3. PA22/07101 | Land West Of Tile Yard Cottages Bridgerule Holsworthy Cornwall EX22 7HD.
    2. Planning Applications/Appeals:
      Any late planning applications received will be discussed but not decided under this section.
      1. PA22/08900 | Proposed extension to cow cubicle shed | Thorne Farm Bridgerule Holsworthy Cornwall EX22 7HD.
      2. PA22/09229 | Demolition of stable building and new build self contained annex | Springleaze Bridgerule Holsworthy Cornwall EX22 7HB.
  10. Bus Stop Lighting.
    To consider any update.
  11. Red Post.
    To consider any update.
  12. Launcells Cross / CSW.
  13. Plaque – parishioner email.
  14. Defibrillator.
    Pads update and training.
  15. Boundary Commission
  16. Grimscott Planters.
    Future volunteers and letter of thanks.
  17. Landmark Tree Planting.
  18. Shared Prosperity Fund.
  19. Councillor’s tasks / Emergency Plan.
  20. Thank you to Clerk, I Saltern.
  21. To receive oral or written reports and authorise any action:
    1. Chairman.
    2. The Clerk.
  22. Banking.
    Addition of signatory and consideration of internet banking
  23. Emails.
    Consideration of a Council email address.
  24. Budget & Precept.
  25. Finance & Legislation.
    1. Approval of payments as per October Schedule and consider payment of urgent accounts presented by the date of the meeting.
    2. To note Income & Bank Balances as per the schedule.
    3. To note Bank reconciliations.
  26. Urgent Matters raised with the Chairman since the Agenda was published.
  27. Date of next meeting and note items from Councillors for the Agenda.


During the meeting it may arise that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential or special nature of the business to be transacted and the press and public will be instructed to withdraw.

When this arises, the Chair will recommend to consider passing the following resolution: “to resolve that in view of the confidential or special nature of the business to be discussed, the public are excluded and instructed to withdraw.”

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