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Launcells Parish Council





Please note: New agendas and minutes from September 2022 will be published as web pages, rather than PDFs.


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1A. Launcells Minutes January 2022.pdf17 January 2022133kB
1B. Launcells Minutes February 2022.pdf02 March 2022172kB
1C. Launcells Minutes March 2022.pdf23 March 2022136kB
1D. Launcells Minutes April 2022.pdf12 April 2022146kB
1E. Launcells Minutes AGM May 2022.pdf29 May 2022141kB
1F. Launcells Minutes June 2022.pdf13 June 2022156kB
1G. Launcells Minutes July 2022.pdf13 July 2022145kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1A Launcells Minutes January 2021.pdf24 January 202174kB
1B.Launcells Minutes Feb 2021.pdf22 February 202182kB
1C.Launcells Minutes March 2021.pdf13 March 202177kB
1D.Launcells Minutes April 2021.pdf19 April 202191kB
1E. Launcells Minutes May 2021.pdf21 July 2021161kB
1F. Launcells Minutes June 2021.pdf12 September 2021116kB
1G. Launcells Minutes August 2021.pdf12 September 202196kB
1H. Launcells Minutes September 2021.pdf25 October 2021114kB
1I. Launcells Minutes October 2021.pdf25 October 2021144kB
1J. Launcells Minutes November 2021.pdf08 November 2021123kB
1K. Launcells Minutes December 2021.pdf15 December 2021127kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1B Launcells Minutes Feb 2020.launcells minutes feb 2020.pdf12 November 202073kB
1C Launcells Minutes March 2020.launcells minutes march 2020.pdf12 November 202063kB
1H Launcells Minutes August 2020.launcells minutes august 2020.pdf12 November 202065kB
1A Launcells Minutes Jan 2020.launcells minutes 2020.pdf12 November 202056kB
1F Launcells Minutes July 2020.launcells minutes july 2020.pdf12 November 202095kB
1I Launcells Minutes September 2020.launcells minutes september 2020.pdf12 November 202076kB
1J Launcells Minutes October 2020.Launcells Minutes October 2020.pdf12 November 202072kB
1K Launcells Minutes November 2020.pdf18 November 202093kB
1L. Launcells Minutes December 2020.pdf31 December 202078kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1.launcells minutes 2019.pdf12 November 202051kB
10.launcells minutes october 2019.pdf12 November 202061kB
11.launcells minutes november 2019.pdf12 November 202051kB
12.launcells minutes december 2019.pdf12 November 202051kB
2.launcells minutes february 2019.pdf12 November 202058kB
3.launcells minutes march 2019.pdf12 November 202059kB
5.launcells minutes may 2019.pdf12 November 202061kB
6.launcells minutes june 2019.pdf12 November 202062kB
7.launcells minutes july 2019.pdf12 November 202062kB
8.launcells minutes extra ordinary aug 2019.pdf12 November 202046kB
9.launcells minutes september 2019.pdf12 November 202061kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1.launcells minutes january 2018.pdf12 November 202062kB
10.launcells minutes october 2018.pdf12 November 202050kB
11.launcells minutes november 2018.pdf12 November 202069kB
12.launcells minutes december 2018.pdf12 November 202058kB
2.launcells minutes feb 2018.pdf12 November 202058kB
3.launcells minutes march 2018.pdf12 November 202052kB
4.launcells minutes april 2018.pdf12 November 202053kB
5.launcells minutes may 2018.pdf12 November 202056kB
6.launcells minutes june 2018.pdf12 November 202053kB
7.launcells minutes july 2018.pdf12 November 202074kB
9.launcells minutes september 2018.pdf12 November 202050kB
launcells minutes 2018.pdf12 November 202062kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1.launcells minutes 2017.pdf12 November 202047kB
10.launcells minutes october 2017.pdf12 November 202063kB
11.launcells minutes november 2017.pdf12 November 202069kB
12.launcells minutes december 2017.pdf12 November 202093kB
2.launcells minutes feb 2017.pdf12 November 202064kB
3.launcells minutes march 2017.pdf12 November 202058kB
4.launcells minutes april 2017.pdf12 November 202059kB
5.launcells minutes may 2017.pdf12 November 202072kB
6.launcells minutes june 2017.pdf12 November 202064kB
7.launcells minutes july 2017.pdf12 November 202084kB
9.launcells minutes september 2017.pdf12 November 202080kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1.launcells minutes january 2016.pdf12 November 202046kB
10.launcells minutes october 2016.pdf12 November 202069kB
11.launcells minutes november 2016.pdf12 November 202076kB
12.launcells minutes december 2016.pdf12 November 202077kB
2.launcells minutes feb 2016.pdf12 November 202070kB
3.launcells minutes march 2016.pdf12 November 202050kB
4.launcells minutes april 2016.pdf12 November 202083kB
5.launcells minutes may 2016.pdf12 November 202059kB
6.launcells minutes june 2016.pdf12 November 202058kB
7.launcells minutes july 2016.docx12 November 202017kB
9.launcells minutes september 2016.pdf12 November 202078kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
10.launcells minutes oct 2015.pdf12 November 202055kB
11.launcells minutes nov 2015.pdf12 November 202052kB
12.launcells minutes dec 2015.pdf12 November 202053kB
2.launcells minutes feb 2015.pdf12 November 202077kB
3.launcells minutes march 2015 for press.pdf12 November 202041kB
4.launcells minutes april 2015.pdf12 November 202072kB
5.launcells minutes may 2015.pdf12 November 202068kB
5a.launcells annual parish meeting may 2015.pdf12 November 2020334kB
6.launcells minutes june 2015.pdf12 November 202065kB
7.launcells minutes july 2015.pdf12 November 202047kB
8.launcells minutes aug 2015.pdf12 November 202056kB
9.launcells minutes sept 2015 for press.pdf12 November 202041kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1.launcells parish council january 2014 minutes.pdf12 November 2020375kB
10.launcells minutes oct 2014.pdf12 November 202042kB
11.launcells minutes nov 2014.pdf12 November 202044kB
12launcells minutes dec 2014.pdf12 November 202046kB
4.launcells minutes april 2014.pdf12 November 202042kB
5.launcells minutes may2014.pdf12 November 202046kB
6.launcells minutes june 2014.pdf12 November 202055kB
9.launcells minutes sept 2014.pdf12 November 202050kB
2.launcells minutes feb 2014.pdf12 November 202048kB
3.launcells minutes march 2014.pdf12 November 202045kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
july meeting summary.pdf12 November 202018kB
june meeting summary1.pdf12 November 202076kB
lpc meeting minutes dec 2013.pdf12 November 202053kB
october meeting summary.pdf12 November 202055kB
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