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Parish Footpaths

Please find a list of paths in the parish below:



Path No.  Route App. Length Km (miles) 
1 St Swithin's to Road South East of Diddies  0.72 (0.45) 
2 North of St Swithin's to South of Cross Lanes  0.44 (0.27) 
3 Road South of Launcells to Road A3072  0.64 (0.40) 
4 Road East of Ossington to Road West of Anderton  0.28 (0.17)
5 Land at Thorne Farm to Buttsbear  0.28 (0.17) 
6 Hobbacott Farm to Road North of Hobbacott Down  0.96 (0.60) 

New Leigh to Norton Wood South West of Norton Barton 

0.60 (0.37) 
8 Norton Barton to Hersham  0.92 (0.57) 
9 Morton Pound Farm to Magses  0.20 (0.12) 
10 Land at Anderton to Old Canal  0.20 (0.12)
11 Moreton Mill to Road East of Lower Pigsdon 1.20 (0.75) 
12 St Swithin's to Road North of Underwood  0.20 (0.12) 
  Total distance: 6.64 (4.13

In the Parish
of Launcells there are 12 Public Footpaths, totalling just over 4 miles (6.6 km). One
path leads into Bude-Stratton, the other paths are entirely within the parish. There
are no Bridleways in Launcells. None of the footpaths we have today have their roots
in the depths of ancient history – I cannot find any of them shown on the Tithe Map
of 1840 – the early OS Maps show some, but the point at which they became legal
Public Rights of Way was the registration by the Parish Council in 1955. Why only
some routes and only parts of others were registered is lost in time.
Sadly, only 7 of our footpaths provide meaningful walks, another one is a
dead-end, and the other 4 do not have any public access to them. Cornwall Council
have classified all footpaths (based on estimated usage and strategic location) as
Gold, Silver or Bronze. Of the 7 accessible paths, 5 are Gold, and one each Silver and
Bronze. Our longest path is three quarters of a mile (1.2 Km) and the shortest is just
over 200 yards (0.2 Km) long.

Infomation provided by 
Dave Richardson

Click here for a summary of the inital footpath findings.

** Please click here to find FP Number 12 - St Swithin's to Launcells Barton **


** Please click here to find the FP Number 11 - Moreton Mill to Parish Road West of Lower Pigsdon **

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