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Launcells Parish Council

Parishioner Survey Request

Added at 18:43 on 28 November 2023

The Parish Council is considering applying for funding from the government’s “levelling up” funds currently being disbursed, and have drafted a prospective grant application that will enable us to considerably enhance this parish resource. As part of the process, we need to ask the following of parishioners: -

  1. Do you use the Common?
  2. Would you use the common if the below works are undertaken?

Proposal to Improve the Parish Common

As many parishioners will know, Launcells Parish has a small “common,” the entrance to which is along Morton Lane. The common seems to be predominately used by dog walkers at the moment as the parish playing field is obviously off limits to dogs.

View of the common  View of the common

While it has an idyllic display of bluebells in late spring, the area has a lot of sad looking dead and dying trees, and in autumn and winter much of the circular walk around the common is subject to inches of mud and pools of water.

Briefly, funded by a “levelling up” grant, the proposed work would remove any potentially dangerous trees (one being turned into a bench), the path all the way around would be made weatherproof, and a new path across the middle would be created, together with a picnic spot. Finally, some gentle replanting to refresh the vegetation would be undertaken.

The parish council would be interested in feedback on this idea from those that currently use the common and those that currently do not use it but have a view on whether it should be enhanced as a benefit to the parish. Obviously, we would like to see support for this project as it will entail a fair amount of commitment from members of the parish council to drive it through.

Please send any comments to or the parish clerk at by December 15th 2023 please.

Cllr Alan Whittle

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