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Launcells Parish Council

Minutes March 2024

Monday 4th March 2024

The meeting of Launcells Parish Council was held on the above date at 7:30pm, in Launcells Parish Hall.

Councillors Present:

Chairman Cllr Hargreaves, Vice-Chair Cllr Allin, Cllr Cleave, Cllr Wingard, Cllr Stokes, Cllr Whittle, Cllr Constantinou, Cllr Pollard.

Also in attendance: Clerk Julie Gray and Cllr N Chopak.

0 members of the public were present for the meeting.

Cllr Hargreaves opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Record of Apologies


Cllr Elliott and Cllr Tape could not make the meeting and sent their apologies.

Confirm the Minutes of the previous Meeting.


It was resolved to approve the minutes and ratify all decisions made at the meeting held on Monday 5th February 2024. 7 in favour. 1 abstained, due to not being present at the previous meeting. The Chair, Cllr Hargreaves, signed them as a correct record.



  1. There were no declarations.



  1. There were no dispensation requests.

Matters Arising.


  1. Last year’s contractor has agreed to undertake the Local Maintenance Partnership contract.
  2. The parishioner has withdrawn the planning application and has decided not to go with the 5-day protocol.

Public Participation.


There were no members of the public present.

Report from Cornwall Councillor Chopak.


Cllr Chopak has been chosen to represent Cornwall Council at the King’s garden party.

At the full council meeting the budget was passed. Council tax has been doubled for properties that are standing empty. Holiday lets will be charged business rates and will be charged for refuse collection. The Police budget is 12%.

Cornwall Council also debated on how to reignite the climate emergency interest.

Roadworks are being undertaken to use the budget before the end of the financial year. Works are advertised in the Devon & Cornwall Post.

The Community Area Partnership meeting is being held on Monday at the Parkhouse Centre. It is a hybrid meeting.


3.24/311: – all correspondence circulated via email.

  1. Local Planning Training: 28 February
  2. Keeping Cornwall Updated.
  3. The Rural Bulletin.
  4. Devolution Expectations with a Caution.
  5. Agenda for East Sub-Area Planning Committee.
  6. Martyn’s Law Consultation Webinar.
  7. Chief Executive’s Bulletin.
  8. Town & Parish Council Newsletter.
  9. The Clean Cornwall Newsletter.
  10. Holsworthy Motor Club Information.
  11. Call for Sites.
  12. Age UK Royal Cornwall Show.



  1. Decision Notices/Updates:
    1. PA23/09389 | Change of use from residential to holiday let. | 3 Lower Pigsdon Farm Barns Launcells Bude Cornwall EX23 9LQ.
    2. PA23/09780 | To construct an agricultural building to house and preserve historic vintage farm equipment. | Oakstone Bridgerule Holsworthy Cornwall EX22 7HD
  2. Planning Applications/Appeals:
    Any late planning applications received will be discussed but not decided under this section.
    1. PA24/00691 | Use of land as domestic garden, single storey extension and garage, along with poly-tunnel and ground mounted solar array with variation of condition 2 of decision PA23/05145 dated 20/09/2023 | Summerleaze Bridgerule Holsworthy Cornwall EX22 7HB.
      Launcells Parish Council unanimously support the application.

To receive oral or written reports and authorise any action.


  1. Chairman / Councillor.
    Cllr Whittle attended the Levelling Up Funding Review. Camelford Leisure Centre has been granted funding to upgrade to increase classes;, Camelford Community Hub has been granted funding to repair the building they are in; and Budehaven have been granted funding to upgrade their outdoor lights.
  2. The Clerk.
  • The Cormac workshop is being held at Launceston Rugby Club on Friday 22nd March, 10.00 – 13.00.
  • The government has announced proposed changes to national planning rules for brownfield sites and has opened a consultation for views. The changes include proposals that will “make clear that when considering planning applications, local planning authorities should give significant weight to the benefits of delivering as many homes as possible, especially where this involves land which is previously developed”.
  • Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Association of Local Councils would like to invite new members to join the refreshed Cornwall Planning Partnership (CPP). The Clerk will circulate the email tomorrow. The application form link is in the email if anyone wishes to join and the deadline is Thursday 28 March.
  • New on the website is information on:
    • A ‘Brilliant Place for Me’ for children;
    • The Council Tax budget;
    • The NHS app for Prescriptions;
    • Skills Bootcamp;
    • Free NHS Talking Therapies service;
    • Primary Care Hubs;
    • Dental Recovery Plan;
    • Fraud;
    • Potential new planning rules for short term lets;
    • Start for Life - ideas for parents;
    • Survey on Adult Education spending;
    • Measles.

Complaint Policy.


The model CALC complaints policy was circulated to the Councillors.

The Parish Council unanimously agreed to adopt the policy.

EVA Charging.


Information was circulated to the Councillors and sent to the Parish Hall Committee concerning Cornwall Council seeking expressions of interest from Parish Councils that were interested in the possibility of installing electric vehicle charging points on land they own.

The Parish Hall Committee decided against this as the car park is fully used and this would take up space.

Annual Parish Meeting.


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on the 13th May, as the 6th is a bank holiday, at 7pm.

Filing Cabinet.


The Parish Council unanimously agreed to the fee of £70 to store the filing cabinet in the History Room. Cllr Whittle will arrange for pick-up and delivery.

Parish Magazine Contribution.


Cllr Stokes is undertaking April’s contribution and Cllr Constantinou will undertake May’s.

Finance & Legislation.


  1. Ratification of payments totalling £761.26 as per February schedule. It was resolved to authorise the payments. Proposed Cllr Whittle. Seconded Cllr Cleave. Unanimous.
  2. To note Bank reconciliations. – transferred money into reserve a/c
  3. To note Income & Bank Balances as per the schedule and reconciliations.

Urgent Matters raised with the Chairman since the Agenda was published.



Date of next meeting and note items from Councillors for the Agenda.


Thursday 4th April 2024

Meeting closed at 8.17pm


During the meeting it may arise that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential or special nature of the business to be transacted and the press and public will be instructed to withdraw.

When this arises, the Chair will recommend to consider passing the following resolution: “to resolve that in view of the confidential or special nature of the business to be discussed, the public are excluded and instructed to withdraw.”

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