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Cash Bingo

Added at 16:33 on 30 October 2023

On the evening of Friday 22nd September, Launcells Parish Hall Committee hosted another of their popular Cash Bingo evenings. Unfortunately the event was not as well attended as usual but there were enough players to make it a fun evening, even if not everyone went home with a prize!

The Cash Bingo’s are played slightly differently to our Christmas and Easter events, where instead of Christmas gifts or Easter Eggs, the winners win cash prizes, worked out on how many people attend and therefore how much money is taken at the door. At this event, the person with the first line  received £5 and a full house, £10. There were also prizes for the Irish, where everyone stands up and the numbers are called, and when a number on your ticket is called you sit down and the winner is the last person standing. On this occasion the winner won £30. There was also a Flyer game, played as a  normal full house game but with the increased value prize of £40.

There was also a raffle with some really good prizes including a huge basket of fruit, a breakfast hamper, wine, chocolates and a restaurant voucher. At half time teas and coffees were served allowing everyone to have a chat with their friends and neighbours before the second half of the games began.

Many thanks to the Committee Members for organising the fun evening  and to Reg Hambly our Bingo Caller.

Bingo caller   People sitting at tables playing bingo

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